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Wisdom teeth removal in Houston, TXWisdom teeth removal in Houston, TX

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Houston, TX

Having Third Molars Extracted Protects Oral Health

Around the ages of 17 to 25, many adults will develop an additional set of molars known as wisdom teeth. The average mouth can only hold 28 adult teeth. It can be problematic when an additional set of molars tries to squeeze in. Because there is not enough room, many dentists and oral surgeons recommend having wisdom teeth extracted to prevent oral health complications. 

At Alfi Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery, we make the wisdom teeth removal process quick and easy. Dr. David Alfi extracts wisdom teeth in the comfort of our office in Houston, Texas. If you or your child have wisdom teeth or need an evaluation, contact our practice in Houston, TX, for an appointment. 

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

In the back of your mouth, you already have second molars that chew food, making third molars unnecessary. The roots of wisdom teeth are large and have unpredictable growth patterns. These roots can pierce facial nerves or damage the roots of other teeth if the molars are left untreated. 

Some wisdom teeth fully erupt through the gum line, while others only partially erupt. A partially erupted wisdom tooth easily traps food, increasing the risk of infection. When a wisdom tooth is stuck beneath the gums completely, it is considered to be impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth must be surgically removed by an oral surgeon because it will not naturally erupt.  

By having wisdom teeth removed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, you avoid these issues and more: 

  • Cysts or tumors that form around infected teeth
  • Chronic bad breath caused by infection
  • Pain and pressure in the back of the mouth
  • Misalignment of the other teeth 

Signs and Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth

Some people develop third molars with no symptoms, while others notice these teeth developing due to discomfort in the mouth. At your regular dental check-ups, your dentist looks for wisdom teeth. If they are detected, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon for evaluation and treatment. Even if no symptoms are present, wisdom teeth can still cause issues that affect your oral health. 

If you experience any of these conditions, it may be time to have your wisdom teeth evaluated and extracted: 

  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Gums that easily bleed
  • Visibly seeing a wisdom tooth poking through the gums
  • Ongoing bad breath that doesn’t go away with brushing 
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth 
  • Pressure at the back of the mouth

Many patients undergo wisdom tooth extraction in their late teens or early twenties. This timeframe is ideal because the teeth have not yet fully developed. However, you can have wisdom teeth removed at any age.

Types of Anesthesia

There are a variety of anesthesia and sedation options available at our practice.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

During your first visit to Alfi Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery, you will meet with Dr. Alfi. We will take 3D scans of your mouth to assess the size and location of wisdom teeth. Most patients undergo IV sedation for this procedure, but there are many anesthesia options available. 

Once the anesthesia has taken effect, your oral surgeon will extract any erupted wisdom teeth with forceps. To remove impacted wisdom teeth, your surgeon will make an incision in the gum tissue to access and extract the teeth. Sometimes, these molars are broken into smaller pieces to make removal easier.

After your surgeon removes the tooth, sutures are placed over the extraction sites and you will rest until the anesthesia wears off. If you are undergoing IV sedation, you must arrange for an adult to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Houston, TX

The cost of having wisdom teeth extracted varies for each patient. The number of wisdom teeth, the complexity of surgery, your insurance, and the anesthesia all factor into the cost. We cover all of these items during the consultation and provide you with a cost estimate prior to treatment. To find out how much it would cost to have an oral surgeon remove your wisdom teeth, contact us in Houston, TX.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be put to sleep for wisdom teeth?

We often use IV sedation for wisdom tooth removal. This will put you into a sleep-like state, in which you will not feel pain. IV anesthesia differs from general anesthesia, which is reserved for complex surgeries like orthognathic surgery or facial reconstruction. We may also use a local anesthetic to provide additional pain relief immediately following surgery.

When does wisdom teeth removal pain stop?

Discomfort is to be expected with any surgical procedure but can be managed with ice packs and over-the-counter pain medications. The healing period is different for each patient, but post-surgical pain or discomfort typically subsides a few days after the procedure.

Is it best to get all four wisdom teeth out at once?

You should have all wisdom teeth extracted at the same time. This avoids having to undergo multiple surgical procedures and recovery periods, saving you time and money.

How long is wisdom teeth recovery?

It takes about 2 weeks for the surgical sites to heal. However, many patients resume normal activities a day or two after surgery.

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