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Meet Jonathan

Video Review

Jonathan’s jaw surgery experience exceeded all expectations. After surgery, he has improved memory, can breathe better, and his sleep apnea has gone away.


Jonathan's Story

"My name is Jonathan, I live in Katy, Texas, and Dr. Alfi operated on me for a sagittal split osteotomy and a LeFort I jaw advancement surgery. When I first walked into Alfi’s practice, essentially, it was extremely comforting, really. Dr. Alfi is extremely personable and answered any questions we may have had promptly. My procedure went way better than any possible expectation for me. I have improved memory. My breathing is better. My sleep apnea has gone away. I woke up and I actually took a breath, and it felt like I could breathe for the first time in a long time. I would highly recommend Alfi Oral Surgery. They are amazing."

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