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Patients who receive oral and maxillofacial surgery at Alfi Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery will be provided with a superior level of care. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Alfi, utilizes the latest technology to offer the full scope of oral surgery procedures. Our office also provides proper diagnosis and treatment for orthognathic and craniofacial conditions to patients of all ages in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Dental implants in Houston, TX

Dental Implants

If a tooth is missing, infected, or badly damaged, a dental implant can fully replace the tooth, restoring its function and appearance.

Wisdom teeth removal in Houston, TX

Wisdom Teeth Removal

The average mouth doesn’t have room for wisdom teeth, or third molars, and having them extracted prevents a host of oral health issues.

Jaw surgery in Houston, TX

Orthognathic Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery realigns the jaws to improve bite and bring balance to facial features. It can drastically improve the ability to speak, eat, and breathe.

Craniofacial surgery in Houston, TX

Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Reconstructive surgery of the head, neck, mouth, and face is often necessary to treat facial deformities, conditions present at birth like cleft lip and palate, and facial trauma injuries.

Full-arch restoration in Houston, TX

Full-Arch Restoration

A full arch of new teeth can be secured using dental implants for a brand new smile that looks natural and functions just like a complete arch of healthy, adult teeth.

Sleep apnea treatment in Houston, TX

Sleep Apnea

There are both surgical and nonsurgical methods of treating obstructive sleep apnea so you can achieve healthier, more restful sleep.

Bone grafting in Houston, TX

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting techniques are used to rebuild bone in the jaw and face, which is helpful when treating reconstructive cases and allows more patients to qualify for dental implants.

Oral pathology in Houston, TX

Oral Pathology

Our surgeons are trained to detect, diagnose, and treat oral cancer and oral diseases by performing a biopsy or surgery, or with medications.

Additional Procedures

TMJ Disorders

Pain or clicking in the TMJ, or jaw joint, can be an uncomfortable result of jaw misalignment. Surgical and nonsurgical methods can correct alignment and ensure the joint functions properly.

Expose and Bond

Expose and bond is a joint effort between an oral surgeon and orthodontist that helps an impacted canine tooth erupt into its place in the dental arch.


BOTOX is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that reduces the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin.


Osteomyelitis is an infection within the bone. When this occurs in the jaws, it can be painful, but managed with medication, surgery, and reconstructing the jaw.

Tooth Extractions

When an adult tooth is damaged or infected beyond the point of saving, it may need to be extracted to protect the health of nearby teeth.